Wireless Network Security

Beware Wireless Installations by Non-Specialist Companies.

Small businesses who outsource their IT support to companies that do not offer Secure Wireless Networking will be unaware of the risks that they are taking. The network may be up and running, but the company who has installed it may not have addressed or fixed any security issues.

This also rings true for domestic users. If your network is insecure, your neigbours (or some bloke parked down the street) can access your network. Best case scenario is that your broadband might go a bit slower as a result. Worst case scenario is that they can have a nosy at your shared files, whilst downloading illegal content which can cause no end of trouble for you.

Geek Alert! Click here to find out more detail about wireless encryption!

You can check straight right now if there are any other devices connected to your network.  Simply select the start/windows button on the bottom left corner, select Network, and have a good look.  If there are any devices on there that you don't recognise, another machine has a connection to your network, and you need assistance to make your network secure to keep intruders out.


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