Desktop PC Repair

At Mat & Mouse we can perform almost any repair to your Desktop PC. Common hardware problems include failed hard drives or memory, and common software problems are caused by file corruption or viruses. We will always carry out full assessments, and present you with all the options and advice on how to proceed.


If a computer fails to boot up, one of the reasons could be a hardware fault. The life expectancy of a Hard Drive is about 5 years. Less if they operate in hostile conditions (such as teenagers bedrooms), they can often overheat and fail. Therefore if it starts to make an odd noise, it might be time to back up your photos and documents and consider installing a new drive before it's too late.

Is your PC running slowly? Does it take an eternity to load windows? This could mean that you could do with a memory upgrade. Fortunately in most cases this is a quick and relatively inexpensive upgrade, and provides an instant improvement to the performance of your desktop computer.



Software problems are often the result of conflicts or viruses, and usually can be resolved, and get your laptop up and running again.

Blue Screen of Death (known as "Stop Error" to nerds like us)
Have you ever seen one of these?

This means your PC needs a bit of TLC, there are hundreds of these types of messages about, and each one is unique. Mat and Mouse will pamper your laptop and make this nasty message go away!

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