PC and Laptop Health Checks

It's always best to prevent problems before they happen. Here is an idea of what we can do to keep your computer in tip top condition:

A Good Clean

Dust is a computers worst enemy, but ironically most of our PCs are full of it! It can cause components to overheat and fail and can result in permanent damage if not kept in check. Getting rid of the dust is one of the best methods of preventative maintenance.

Virus/Spyware/Adware Check

Collectively known as Malware, can cause untold havoc if left unchecked

Disk Cleanup & System optimisation

A good tidy up of the hard drive contents to make it work more efficiently.  By deleting unused programs, clearing out unwanted data and a few other tweaks a computer can be running much more efficiently in no time.

Upgrade Memory

All those Microsoft Windows Updates are essential in order for your system to operate efficiently and securely.  However, over time these updates take up more and more resources meaning that that your computer or laptop are likely to start running noticably slower.  Nowerdays PCs and laptops need at least 2GB of RAM (memory) to operate Windows at anything other than a snails pace.

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